Water’s Edge

My longtime collaboration with writer Deborah Templeton is now out. Water’s Edge by Templeton is published by Confingo. We worked together on this for a number of years with it spawning various smaller projects and consuming others along the way. This published version is Deb’s full book with images by Zoë McLean, accompanied by our radiophonic piece commissioned by Czech Radio – which features an abridged version of the story accompanied by a 50-minute soundscape, read by Deb herself. Buy the book, and you get the audio free from Confingo Publishing website.

Cryo Chamber Mix

New Mix for Cryo Chamber –

Journey to Zone 5 Laboratory

Featuring Sabled Sun, Tineidae, Planet Supreme, ProtoU, Lesa Listvy, Dronny Darko, Halgrath, Hoshin, In Quantum, Alphaxone, and Onasander