AD.03 fragile.flicker.fragment

fragile.flicker.fragment (2011, 52 mins)

fragile.flicker.fragment is a deeply moving album. The fruit of an expert musician who has both a technical and intuitive grasp on sound design and composition. Every frequency is beautifully catered for in these tracks of shimmering acousmatic beauty and deeply resonating foundations. Each layer occupying its own place whilst building the overall acoustic experience. Adkins’ quest to reconcile abstract electronic sound material and melody is explored in this album. This is further strengthened by the inherent visual quality to the tracks, reflecting the relationship between his work and paintings by Pip Dickens [audiobulb].

  1. memory box
  2. etched in air
  3. remnant
  4. suspended edges
  5. first snow
  6. ode
  7. forensic embers
  8. torn mosaic
  9. memory etching

Cover image by Oliver Jones
Mastered by Dominique Bassal

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Format: CD & Digital Download

cat: AD.03