AD.08 Unfurling Streams

Unfurling Streams (2015, 43 mins)


Unfurling Streams is a series of compositions based on recordings of percussion instruments made by Jonny Axelsson and Monty Adkins with photographs and artwork by Stephen Harvey.

The work is inspired by a line by e.e. cummings, “for whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.” In Unfurling Streams, the ‘stream’ reflects life—something continually flowing, evolving, and changing. Eddies, currents, pools and spray also are suggestive of ways in which the stream makes its way through the landscape and are clearly reflected in the images and sounds created for this project.

Cover image by Stephen Harvey
Mastered by Dominique Bassal

Listen on Spotify here.

Format: Deluxe limited edition CD, photographs in handmade box (edition of 24); Limited edition CD (200); Digital download of audio and images.

cat: AD.08