With Love. From an Invader: An Exploration of Landscape and Identity (co-authored with Yan Wang Preston)


Music Beyond Airports (co-edited with Simon Cummings) published by University of Huddersfield Press (FREE DOWNLOAD available)


Shadow Worlds | Writer’s Rooms: Freud’s House (co-authored with Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz , and Anneké Pettican

Essays on Roberto Gerhard (edited book from Cambridge Scholars Publishing)


Post-Acousmatic Practice: Re-evaluating Schaeffer’s heritage (co-authored with Richard Scott and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay) – read it here

Using Experience Design in Curricula to Enhance Creativity and Collaborative Practice in Electronic Music, in Music, Technology and Education, Critical Perspectives (eds. Andrew King & Evangelos Himonides) read it here

Utilitarian Electronics:Portrait mit Cage und Stockhausen (Barlow und Kagel sind auch dabei) in Perspective on the Music of Christopher Fox – read it here

Borderlands – An Exploration of Collaborative Contemplative Practice (co-authored with Deborah Templeton)


Perspectives on Gerhard (edited collection of papers)


Digital Music, Digital Distribution (co-written with Tom Adams)

Exploring the perception and identity of place in sound and image

Nodalism and Creativity

Stream-Form and the loss of traditional virtuosity- thoughts and a method (co-authored with Julio d’Escrivan)


The Roberto Gerhard Companion (edited book published by Ashgate)

The Electronic Music of Roberto Gerhard

Geometries of Flight – remix as nodal practice

Beyond Pythagoras


Exploding Stillness – Four Shibusa (the whole book can be downloaded here.


Issues of Live-ness in Fragile.Flicker.Fragment


Metaphor, Abstraction and Temporality


Towards a beautiful land- Compositional Strategies and influences in Five Panels

Memetic Analysis in Electronic Music

[60]Project-Conception, Composing, Archiving


Schaeffer est Mort! Long Live Schaeffer!

The Influence of Futurism on my work


Acoustic Chains in Acousmatic Music

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