Ecstatic Drift (video Jason Payne) from Rift Patterns (Audiobulb)

Four Shibusa (no.1) – Jonathan Sage (clarinet)

Video compiled by Rob Lycett from paintings by Pip Dickens

Clockwork Cities (video Jason Payne) from Rift Patterns (Audiobulb)

Remnant (video Jason Payne) from Fragile.Flicker.Fragment (Audiobulb)


Suspended Edges (video Oliver Jones) from Fragile.Flicker.Fragment (Audiobulb)

Extract from Borderlands (Audiobulb), Will Mace (cello)

First Snow – as part of the 60×60 Dance Performance (2010)

With Small Hands Waiving (video Jason Payne) (Audiobulb ‘Beauty’ compilation album)

Freud’s House: the Double Mirror (video Brass Art) – installation documentation

Cortex (video by Mike Almond)